Office Hours Queue (OHQ)

Office Hours Queue (OHQ)

Simpler, more accessible office hours for students, professors, and TAs.

OHQ lets professors and TAs set up an online office hours queue and start helping students in minutes. As a student, access all of your courses’ office hours on one central page. Create a Zoom link, join a queue, and get help quickly!

Online office hours have never been so easy

As a student, log in and view all of your courses’ office hours on one central page. Join a queue, and receive SMS or audio updates when you’ve reached the top of the queue.

As a professor or TA, easily manage one or more office hours queues. Receive audio notifications when a student enters the queue, and seamlessly join students on Zoom, BlueJeans, or Meet.

Streamlined queue management

Open or close a queue with one click. Want to close the queue to new entrants a bit early? Go ahead. You can continue to help students who joined the queue before it was closed, or you can clear the queue entirely when office hours end.

Analyze, optimize, and improve

We’ll help you track question trends and visualize demand over time so you can schedule your office hours efficiently and identify the problems your students are struggling with the most.

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