Build with us.

We're always looking for people to join Labs!

Why Labs?

Because we creators.

Iconic Products

From Penn Course Review to Common Application Funding, we build software that improves the lives of every Penn student. Watching your friends use the products that you helped build is a great way to stay grounded and involved in the community.

Modern Engineering

We use exclusively open source modern frameworks that are commonly used in the software industry (i.e. Node.js, Django, Swift). Our engineers are kept up to date with good coding/deployment practices and we always place an emphasis on becoming better programmers.

Top Talent

Although skill ranges vary when joining Labs, our current members are at the top of their game. Through Penn Labs' strong work culture our members are highly sought after, becoming teaching assistants, working for prestigious companies around the world, and launching their own startups.

Lots of Fun

Penn Labs is a relaxed club who's only goal is to make good software. We're a tightly knit community of friends that support each other. Penn Labs excursions in Center City are common and are a great way to avoid thinking about bugs.

Recruiting for:

...and many others. Work on these iconic projects, or whichever one fits you best.

What We're Looking For

All Penn students are eligible to apply for any position, regardless of major or year.

We're looking for individuals with the following skillsets:

Web Development Mobile (Android) Development Mobile (iOS) Development Design

More importantly, we're looking for dedicated students with the capacity to learn. We understand that the best members can come from anywhere.

We're hosting a second information session at SHDH 1201 on September 12th, 2018.

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