Penn Course Review

We built the Penn Course Review to allow Penn students to make informed decisions on their course decisions. PCR includes professor rankings, course difficulties, commentary, and more on all courses taught at Penn in the past decade.


Creating a centralized tool to discover all events happening on Penn’s campus, Events@Penn is a serve curated by the Daily Pennsylvanian that lists upcoming student events and the ability for students to search for events that may be of interest to them.

Penn Book Bazaar

We built Penn Book Bazaar to solve one of the most basic problems confronting students: textbooks. Book Bazaar allows students to search for the textbooks they need as well as sell the ones they are done with. Need to sell a book? Check it out here. Need to sell something else? Stay tuned :)

Penn Mobile App

New to Labs is our forthcoming Mobile App which will be a compilation of several of our website tools along with a host of applications to benefit student life on campus.

Common Funding Application

CFA is a tool allow student groups across the University to easily request funding for their events to one or more funding sources on campus. Simultaneously, funding groups have the ability to view what groups have applied for funding from them and make approval/denials.

Penn Course Review API

The Penn Course Review API was the first API we released for developers at Penn. Over the course of the last few years, the API has allowed students to create awesome apps with information including reviews for courses, instructors and departments. Request access to our API today!

Penn Registrar API

While Penn already had an API for its registrar, Labs worked with the administration to open up the API for developer use. With an easy to use python wrapper, the API allows developers to access up-to-date registrar information, including course schedules, registration status and locations. Request access to the api here.

About Labs

We're a non-profit, student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to building technology for student use and supporting an open-source development environment on-campus. We're sponsored by the UA, the Provost's Office and VPUL.


Clara Wu

Clara is Engineering Lead and Co-Director of PennLabs. She is a junior in NETS and passionate about Ira Glass, the New Yorker and art. She also likes Python and corgis.

James Feuereisen

James is the Co-Director of PennLabs. He is a junior studying Computational Biology and Operations and Healthcare Management at Wharton. Outside of Labs, he is very passionate about the digital health and genomics spaces. James is a proud Michigander.

Ceasar Bautista

Ceasar is a senior in Computer Science. He enjoys beautiful code, Python and philosophy. In the past - he's interned at Facebook and Lore.

Dhruv Maheshwari

Dhruv runs Marketing and is a developer for Labs. He's excited about entrepreneurship, edtech and whales. Feel free to contact him @dhruvlife.

Vivian Huang

Vivian is a junior in Digital Media Design. She sometimes devs Android. She also likes bubble tea, books, and Texas.

Alex Wissmann

Alex is a sophomore in Computer Science and Statistics. He likes to do backend development, especially in js or python. In his free time he likes to play smash and read philosophy.

Derek Jobst

Derek is a freshman studying computer science. His interests include web development and design along with filmmaking.

Adel Qalieh

Adel Qalieh is a freshman coming from Detroit, Michigan, and likes to try spicy Indian food. When he's not hacking in Python, Adel enjoys learning new languages and studying organic chemistry.

David Lakata

David is a freshman in VIPER, studying computer engineering and mathematics. When he's not improving his code, he enjoys playing trumpet and avoiding spicy food.

Hong Kim

Hong is a sophomore in Computer Science. He is originally from South Korea and took two years off to serve in the Korean military. He is passionate about robotics among other interests. He joined Labs because he used to be a frustrated power user of Penn Course Review.

Sacha Best

Sachais a freshman in Digital Media Design and an app developer/entrepreneur. In his free time, he plays water polo for Penn's team and loves to ski.

Jacob Noonan

Jake is a freshman studying Computer Science and marketing. He likes startups, the didgeridoo, and snowboarding.

Penn Open Source

Coming Soon: Penn Open Source is a Labs project to showcase the work of student developers. Our goal is to strengthen the community of builders at Penn. If you'd like to demo your work, submit here.


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