Penn Course Review

We built the Penn Course Review to allow Penn students to make informed decisions on their course decisions. PCR includes professor rankings, course difficulties, commentary, and more on all courses taught at Penn in the past decade.


Events@Penn is a centralized tool to discover all events happening on Penn’s campus that lists upcoming student events and the ability for students to search for events that may be of interest to them.

Penn Book Bazaar

We built Penn Book Bazaar to solve one of the most basic problems confronting students: textbooks. Book Bazaar allows students to search for the textbooks they need as well as sell the ones they are done with. Need to sell a book? Check it out here. Need to sell something else? Stay tuned :)

Penn Mobile App

Penn Mobile App is the university's first official mobile app. On iOS and Android, PennMobile provides live dining hall menus and hours, course and faculty search, live bus routes, popular sources of campus-news and school support numbers.

Common Funding Application

Common Funding Application is a tool allow student groups across the University to easily request funding for their events to one or more funding sources on campus. Simultaneously, funding groups have the ability to view what groups have applied for funding from them and make approval/denials.

Made At Penn

Made At Penn is a showcase for startups and projects created by Penn students and alumni. Projects can be submitted for review, but only the best make it onto the homepage.


Pennvolvement is a platform for companies and organizations to post volunteer opportunities for Penn students.

Penn Course Review API

Penn Course Review API was the first API we released for developers at Penn. Over the course of the last few years, the API has allowed students to create awesome apps with information including reviews for courses, instructors and departments. Request access to our API here.

Penn Registrar API

While Penn already had an API for its registrar, Labs worked with the administration to open up the API for developer use. With an easy to use python wrapper, the API allows developers to access up-to-date registrar information, including course schedules, registration status and locations. Request access to our API here.

About Labs

We're a non-profit, student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to building technology for student use and supporting an open-source development environment on-campus. We're sponsored by the UA, the Provost's Office and VPUL.


Adam Domingoes

Adam is a sophomore studying Finance and Computer Science and is Co-Director of Penn Labs. When he’s not hacking in JavaScript, he can be found playing guitar.

Tiffany Chang

Tiffany, from Honolulu, is a sophomore in Business Analytics and Finance minoring in computer science. She is currently Labs’ Co-Director and primary UX/UI designer. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and reading about design theory and psychology.

Adel Qalieh

Adel is a senior from Detroit studying computational biology. When he's not hacking in Python, Adel enjoys learning new languages, trying spicy food, and studying organic chemistry.

Jason Tang

Jason is a junior in Computer Science and Economics from Hong Kong. He is proficient in android coding, and when he is not coding he plays piano and composes.

Joseph Gao

Joseph is a junior studying computer science. He enjoys working on cool projects and spends his free time either hanging out with his suite mates or on the rift.

Young Lee

Young Lee, from Vancouver, Canada, is currently a freshman in M&T planning to major in computer science and concentrate in Management. When he is not coding in Javascript or OCaml, he enjoys filmmaking, photography, listening to jazz and hip-hop, and finding the best sushi in town.

Victor Chien

Victor Chien is from Sunnyvale, California, and currently a freshman in M&T planning to major in computer science and concentrate in Management. When not programming in Swift, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Python, he enjoys hunting for free food and exploring new cities.

Suzanne Knop

Suzanne Knop, from Poughkeepsie, NY, is currently studying Digital Media Design. She focuses on front-end web design and when she's not developing, she likes to make music videos and go to the roofs of buildings.

Brandon Lin

Brandon Lin is a freshman planning to study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from New York City, NY. He likes coding in Python and typesetting in LaTeX, and can usually be found singing to modern music, 80’s pop, or Broadway musicals or with a Rubik's Cube.

Andrew Si

Andrew Si, from Los Altos, California, is a freshman in computer science. He primarily programs in Java but has tested the waters of JS, Matlab, C++, and OCaml. During his freetime, he enjoys playing piano, tennis, basketball, and video games.

Aaron Michaels

Aaron Michaels is a junior in Cognitive Science from Bangkok, Thailand. When not programming in JavaScript, he enjoys reading, and long distance running and cycling.

Julia Chun

Julia Chun, from South Korea, is a sophomore studying computer science. Her current interests are data processing and big data analytics. In her free time, she likes to play the violin, dance, work out at the gym, or read about cool new businesses.


Made@Penn is a Labs project to showcase the work of student developers. Our goal is to strengthen the community of builders at Penn. If you'd like to demo your work, submit here.